Top Roofing Trends for 2022

Roofing has an important role to play in keeping a property warm, dry, and secure, and it is also one of the most visible features of a building. So choosing a roof material that combines hardwearing durability and smart style is key. 

Wear and tear or weather damage can cause a roof to leak or roofing tiles to lift away – but how do you choose new roofing when it needs replacing? Let’s explore some of the top roofing trends for 2022, including ever-popular designs and new fashions that are found on properties across the UK.

Metal roofing

Resistant to splitting, cracking, corrosion, and mould, metal roofing can have a lifespan of more than 40 years, which means a metal roof could outlast many other materials. Although it tends to be more expensive than other options, this higher price is offset by how well it will last and the long-term value for money that metal can provide. 

Lightweight and easy to install, a metal roof is also an eco-friendly choice, as a lot of metal roofing is made of partly recycled materials. Plus, when the roof is eventually removed, it can be recycled too, reducing the amount of material sent to landfill. 

A choice of metals, including copper, zinc, and aluminium, means that this roofing is available in a range of metallic tones and finishes, allowing you to pick a material that matches the aesthetic of your property.

Asphalt shingles

Still the most popular choice for a new roof, versatile asphalt shingles can be used on practically any property. Available in a wide assortment of colours and designs – including styles that mimic the look of other materials like slate – asphalt shingles are also easy to fit, which helps keep installation costs down. 

A budget-friendly option, these shingles offer great durability too. Although not as tough as metal, asphalt still provides a great balance of long-lasting style and value for money. Repairs are also easy on an asphalt shingle roof, meaning it can last even longer. At the end of their useful life, asphalt shingles can be recycled too, cutting down on waste.

Solar roof panels

Your roof could hold the solution to saving money on household energy bills, thanks to the addition of solar roof panels. Designed to convert solar energy from the sun’s rays into power for your home, this renewable source of electricity has become increasingly popular with eco-conscious homeowners. 

As demand for solar panels has grown, new designs have been developed which can fit seamlessly onto a roof, providing green energy without impacting on the appearance of a property. Generating power even on gloomy days, solar panels will not only reduce energy bills, but could earn you money too, as any excess electricity generated will be paid for by energy suppliers.

Green roofs

Green roofs are partly or completely covered by vegetation, which provides a natural habitat that pollinators like bees will love. The plants in a green roof also help to improve air quality, by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen, which makes this a popular option in urban environments. This type of roofing also absorbs sound, which can make both the inside and outside of your property more peaceful. A green roof is relatively low maintenance too – simply let the sun and rain do their work and it will remain lush and healthy.

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